The Physiology Of Two Named Body System

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The Physiology of Two Named Body System in Relation to Energy Metabolism in the Body We know that there are different types of energies that we know of which are: chemical, light, sound, heat and electrical. When looking at our bodies, we know that we need energy to help our bodies to function and the energy that we use in our body is chemical. The reason for this is that the energy help circulate the blood through in our bodies as it carries the oxygen to help with breathing and for the growth and repair for new of damaged cells in our bodies. Also the energy helps to transfer information in out nerve cell to help us respond the environment about us and this is all a part of Energy Metabolism. There are two types of “bolism” that we need to know about with is catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism occurs when there are chemical reactions to the breaking down of molecules to release energy. An example of this is the oxidation of glucose inside the cells. While anabolism is the opposite as it builds up complex molecules for the bases of simple substance which is using energy. The two body systems that I’m going to be talk about is the cardiovascular and respiratory system. Cardiovascular System: The main functions of the cardiovascular system is that that it makes sure that there is transport of materials that the body needs like oxygen and nutrients around the body while getting rid of carbon dioxide and other waste products. But, there are other functions that happen with
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