Essay on The Physiology of Fitness

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BTEC Level 3 Unit 2: The Physiology of Fitness Describe the musculoskeletal and energy systems response to acute exercise. What is an acute response? An acute response is an immediate response to exercise. Acute exercise will last throughout the full length of your training session. During the training session our bodies begin to respond to the exercises we are doing and begin to feel the changes within our bodies and mind due to physical strain and stress of the physical activity in lots of different ways. Musculoskeletal response Increased blood supply: the increased blood supply occurs in the body due to the increase in demand for more oxygen and this is due to the working muscles needing more oxygen and energy during…show more content…
The ATP-P system doesn’t provide a lot of energy but it is used for quick and powerful movements. For example: A 100m runner would use the ATP-PC system due to the fact that the athlete would need a short powerful burst of movement to be able to get off the blocks quickly. Another example of this energy is for a shot putter. They would use this energy system because they don’t need a lot of energy for their sport, all they need is a short powerful burst of energy to be able to get a strong, powerful thrown and to be able to throw the shot-putt a long way. All these different sporting examples last up to 8-10 seconds and this is the energy production. The speed of energy production for Phosphocreatine is very fast, although the amount of ATP produced is very limited. The time it takes to recover from the ATP-PC energy system is 30 seconds up to 4 minutes. The phosphocreatine works when your body is working at high intensity at around 90-100%. The strengths of the Phosphocreatine system is because the source is stored in the muscles and liver so it can produce energy very quickly using a short burst. This means that there will be a higher force of contraction. There are also no waste products within this system. Another advantage/strength of this energy system is the recovery time. Phosphocreatine recovery time is shorter than the
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