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THE PIANIST The Pianist was released in December 2002 starring Adrien Brody and directed by Roman Polanski. The movie was adapted from The Pianist: The Extraordinary True Story Of One Man’s Survival in Warsaw, an autobiography written by Władysław Szpilman. The purpose of the autobiography was to describe Szpilman’s experiences in Warsaw, Poland during the horrific events of the Holocaust. This film received the Academy Award for best actor and best director.
The film begins with a German bombing during one of Szpilman’s performances on a radio station. Once he was home, he discovered that England and France had declared war on Germany. This event however, did not keep the Germans from forcing the Jews into ghettos where they were faced with extremely poor living conditions. The hatred against the Jews caused Nazis to begin execute and send them to concentration camps. Szpilman
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This is noted at the end of the movie where the ghettos in Warsaw were completely destroyed due to the execution of the Jews. Discrimination was a major cultural influence involving the war against the Jews. This shaped society in Warsaw, Poland as the Jewish people were treated badly and even assassinated. The film showed the Jews being thrown out of their homes and killed in the streets. The governments represented in The Pianist were Fascism or absolute dictatorship. This is demonstrated as Germany’s Adolf Hitler held power over Poland after Warsaw surrendered from German bombing. In the economy, Jewish people made a living by constructing buildings, becoming soldiers, and preparing food for other Jews. The economic ideology was socialism, which means that the community owns and regulates production and distribution. Social structures on racism have impacted history by making discrimination laws so history, like the execution of the Jews, won't repeat
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