The Piano : A Instrument Of The Instrument

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The cello is truly a spectacular instrument to have survived for hundreds of years and to be steadily gaining popularity in the 21st century. The cello is an exceptionally remarkable and charming instrument, and it possesses a long history, as do its players and composers. The cello is a crucial component of orchestras, string ensembles, and various other performing groups, while still maintaining its position as a powerful solo instrument. Its grand, majestic, commanding tones make the cello one of the most elegant instruments to play and perform, and that is why it hold a position as one of the world’s most liked instruments. Though there are many things that I could go on and on about the cello as I write this paper, I will conduct my attention of a few subjects including; The maker of the instrument, The building of the cello, famous cellist and composers including people such as; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Francesco Alborea , and finally Yo-yo ma. Each of these people are incredible cellist who have have mastered this hard instrument, but some have adapted into making it into making marvelous pieces. The cello was invented in sixteenth century Italy, a few years after the violin and viola were invented. The earliest record of its existence is a fresco dated 1535-1536 by Gaudenzio Fenali in Saronno, Italy. The fresco, which also includes the violin and viola, depicts a beautiful angel playing the cello. During the fresco period, cellos were not that
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