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The Piano Directed by: Jane Campion The Piano is a film about passion, the most basic and primal element of human nature. Passion ultimately cannot be denied. This is something that the characters in this movie learn in different and sometimes unpleasant ways. Ada (Holly Hunter) is a Scottish widow who has not talked since she was six years old. Her silence veils a deeply passionate and willful nature. She speaks in sign language with her nine-year-old daughter Flora (Anna Paquin) and writes messages on a tablet hanging from her neck. To give Ada a new lease on life, her father arranges a marriage for her with Stewart, a landowner in New Zealand. When mother and daughter land in this wild and primitive place, arrives on the stormy…show more content…
I think at this point she realizes she has no need for the piano anymore. In the final scene, she has begun to talk. "I am quite the town freak, which satisfies," Ada says. Her idiosyncratic and passionate soul has, at last, found its natural and perfect expression. Symbolism is very apparent in this film, and most of it is clear enough for even the casual viewer to grasp. Ada's piano is obviously more than a source of music - it is her voice, her only means of expressing herself. The Maori society represents the release of inhibitions. Stewart's rejection of this, like Gaines' acceptance, defines who he is. While Ada is as well rounded as she can be, the others all have elements missing from their personalities. Stewart never attains three-dimensionality, despite Sam Neill's best attempts, and Gaines is occasionally little more than an a wall for Ada's emotions to reverberate off of. Flora's personality undergoes a radical shift that, at best, is only partially motivated by what we see we she calls him “Papa” something she swore she wouldn’t do. If you listen well enough, you could hear Ada screaming her passion. Her silence was so loud, it deafened. Baines was always listening. An uncommon man, had the ear of life. Her husband could just about hear her voice towards the end. He found her words just near his mind. He could not however, feel it in his heart. He didn't know how. Ada was in love with more then being

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