The Piano Lesson, By And Sophocles ' Antigone

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Siblings, you love them, you hate them, or maybe a little of both. They might be your best friend or they might be your worst enemy, which is just how siblings are. Everyone has a different relationship with their siblings. In The Piano Lesson by August Wilson the relationship between the siblings, Berniece and Willie Boy, is difficult. They both live in different worlds and so their ideas are different. In James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues”, the relationship between Sonny and his brother is very much estranged. The both have different ideas on what is successful and they lose touch with one another. Antigone by Sophocles is about a young woman who is punished for going against the law for her dead brother. These works of literature, Wilson’s…show more content…
This conflict and difference in opinions adds to the tension already between them. Berniece’s husband, Crawley was killed while he was helping Boy Willie: BERNIECE: All I know is Crawley would be alive if you hadn’t come up there and got him BOY WILLIE: I ain’t had nothing to do with Crawley getting killed. That was his own fault. BERNIECE: Crawley’s dead and in the ground and you still walking around here eating. That’s all I know. He went off to load some wood with you and ain’t never come back. (Wilson 53) Berniece blames her brother for her husband’s death because he was killed doing something for Boy Willie and because of this she does not get along with her brother. The relationship between the siblings is strained. They have not seen each other in three years, so one would think that they would be excited to see each other but that is not the case. Boy Willie is excited to see his family, including his sister but Berniece is not happy that he is there. When he arrives, she keeps asking him when he will be leaving and at one point even says “Boy Willie, I want you and Lymon to go ahead and leave my house. Just go on somewhere” (Wilson 15). Berniece does not want her brother to be at her house, she does not get along with him and thinks that he just causes trouble wherever he goes. The sibling relationship between Berniece and Boy Willie is not a great relationship, it is strained and there is a lot of tension. This is one example of a sibling
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