The Piano Lesson By August Wilson

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“The Piano Lesson”, a play that was written by August Wilson deals with the problem of what African Americans can do best with their own cultural heritage. It seems to question on how to put history into best use. For instance, the author says, “My generation of blacks knows little about the past of our ancestors. They prevented us from the indignities that they suffered”. It is necessary for African Americans to be conscious of their past, even though, many of its parts were full of struggle. This story expresses the idea that African Americans should embrace their origin before they will genuinely have the ability to move forward. Its purpose is ideally to retain someone’s identity and never to trade it in place of more mundane things like money. We get to realize that it was very hard for the African Americans to notice this ideal because of the harsh financial situation and strong oppression that they find themselves in the past. The Piano lesson is needed by all African Americans so that they can learn and achieve. In this particular essay, my main focus is on the two main characters; Boy Willie and Bernice. Bernice is a representation of all African Americans who realize this lesson and become propagators who are active in African American’s long struggles so that they may regain their identity. Boy Willie represents the African Americans who have to let go of their desire to take revenge on the White Americans who have degraded them and give up trying to prove
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