The Piano - Not A Feminist Film Essay

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Critical Essay on Jane Campion’s The Piano.


My thesis is that: Although being directed by a mold-breaking female and despite being littered with feminist tropes, Jane Campion’s The Piano is not a feminist film.

Their opinion vs. mine
Interview Magazine, Jane Campion by Katherine Dieckmann, (January 1992)
As the director she hold s a omni-conscious view, aware of all possibilities of interpretations. Thus she both agrees and disagrees with me.
She is a very reputable considering she both write an directed the film I am studying
On The Issues Magazine, Is The Piano A Feminist Film? "Yes" by Rebecco Shugrue (1994)
She is strongly against my opinion, she views The Piano as a very feminist film.
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It goes from being her dearest possession to a mere musical tool in the face of her discovery of ‘true love’. The highly personal and individulised artistic outlet that matters most to this woman pales beside the sex a man can offer her. Bell Hooks sums this up in that “The Piano advances the sexist assumption that heterosexual women will give up artistic practice to find ‘true love’.”
A major hallmark f modern feminism is its stand against and criticism of domestic violences of all kinds. Throughout The Piano Ada suffers multiple instances of extreme domestic violence, from having her finger chopped off with a wood axe to the equally scarring verbal threatening and intimidation. Blogger seitz057 has considered that “the intense domestic abuse may be trying to make a statement” but I don’t believe this at all mitigated the film’s passive acceptance of it. Such scenes are very effective to an anti-feminist end. The fact that violence towards women is viewed throughout the film as ‘natural’, as inevitable when a woman voices her own opinion, is a strong submission to the patriarchy.
Thirdly, feminism dictates women standing by women. It dictates the necessity of a sense of solidarity against the patriarchy. The Piano does not do this, instead it exposes hoe=w cruel women can be to each in an effort to please men and Katherine Dieckmann brings this up in her pre-Piano release interview with Jane Campion. In Joan Smith's
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