The Picture Of Dorian Gray

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The Picture of Dorian Gray Essay
In the extract from The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde presents the character Dorian Gray as knowing nothing about love, shown to the reader from the way he is self-centred, ignorant and assumptious about his relationship with Sibyl Vane.
At the start of the extract Gray blames the ending of his relationship entirely on Vane where his narrative says “It was the girl’s fault, not his… She had disappointed him. She had been shallow and unworthy”, showing how Gray is blaming everything on her and suggesting he has done absolutely nothing wrong. This illustrates how he knows nothing about love because in a relationship both people have equal responsibility to try and make it work however as Gray is a very self-centred character he expects her to put in all the effort to make it work. The line “She had disappointed him.” reinforces this idea as it suggests how her sole purpose in the relationship is to please him and impress him rather than love him or be loved by him. The fact Gray’s narrative also says she was “unworthy” highlights how he is self-centred as he feels his partner must be ‘worthy’ enough for him, rather than just someone he loves. This helps the reader to see how Dorian Gray knows nothing about love because in a typical loving relationship both people are equal and one does not have to be ‘worthy’ enough for the other. The short sentences used in this quote could however suggest that Gray’s thought process is distracted here…

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