The Picture Of Dorian Gray

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(HOOK) In Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, the theme of transformation is constant throughout the novel. Through the protagonist’s transformation, Oscar Wilde 's novel is suggesting that the hedonistic life style, a life style where gaining pleasure is the main goal, may seem like it is a fun and wonderful way to live, however a person will slowly be corrupted if they live in that way . One has to take life into one’s own hands and choose the people to be around and what one will do with one’s time to stay pure and good. Throughout Wilde 's novel, the protagonist, Dorian Gray, is influenced by his companion, Lord Henry, to lead a hedonistic way of life, and he slowly becomes more and more immoral and impure. His transformation is negative and it is caused by the large amounts of time he spends around Lord Henry and his corruptive ideas and philosophies. This negative transformation is easily seen by the other characters in the novel; however Dorian Gray does not see it himself until it is presented in front of his face. His negative transformation could have been turned into a positive transformation many times throughout the novel; however he does not choose to take his life into his own hands. Furthermore, Dorian Gray 's transformation wasn 't the only transformation in the novel; Painter Basil Hallward and actress Sybil Vane transform in different ways, while still conveying Oscar Wilde 's idea that in order to stay pure and keep one’s life in control one must

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