The Picture Of Dorian Gray : Oscar Wilde

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Adrian Balakumar
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15 December 2014

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
1) In the book, The Picture of Dorian Gray, several characteristics of the world have been presented. The author portrays the world as a den of individuals with a skewed view of the immediate environment. The author depicts the world as a place where physical traits like beauty or handsomeness are important than a person’s virtues. Dorian spends his time studying music and other beautiful things that life has to offer. Visible aspects such as youthfulness are viewed by the characters of the novel as the most superior aspects of life. Lord Henry reminds Dorian that soon he would lose vital attributes that mattered to him in life. By saying so, he meant that Dorian would become old and lose his youthful nature. The book also points out the eventualities of influence. The immoral behavior expressed by Dorian is as a result of the painting and the yellow book. Lord Henry also asserts that there is something thrilling in the practice of influence. Dorian pitfalls are due to his commitment to Lord Henrys and also owing to the yellow book. Adverse outcomes of influence are also seen through Basil’s murder whose cause was his blind worshipping of Dorian. The above characteristics of individuals with a skewed view of the environment, who value physical attributes and the consequences of influence are consistent with the life of today’s world.

2) Lord Henry Wotton does not evolve, and his…
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