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If you look at the advertisements in the pictures above, both are from the same company, but they are from a 30 years difference. Both of these pictures do advertise a beautiful women in their Calvin Klein clothing, but the ads say something completely different. If you look at the first picture on the left, and compare it to the second picture on the right you will see the difference immediately. The picture on the left is from 30 years ago and women were not viewed as strong of members of society that they are today, like the viewed star Kendall Jenner in the picture on the right. If you look at the coloring of the first image it is bland, just a simple black and white image. There is nothing special about it, whereas the picture on the…show more content…
If that didn’t give you the first impression of a strong and independent woman just read what they wrote for the campaign. It says, “I stand tall in #mycalvins By Calvin Klein.” The words are small and they separate them so her body is clear of writing. They are also in the abdominal region which is the only part that is uncovered on her body creating a sex appeal. Her abdominals are defined and very bright drawing even more attention to them. The picture is taken at an upward angle too which displays more power to the model. This sense of a strong independent woman is much different from how the world viewed women in the late 1900’s, and how femininity has become a much more popular and supported idea. The shift in how advertisements use women as a stronger presence, instead of a weak, submissive figure. As discussed in the 2013 essay, Bad Feminist: Take One, by Purdue English professor Roxanne Gay. In this essay Roxanne Gay explains her idea of feminism and how there are different types of feminists and each has a different view on how women should act or be treated. This essay uses many interviews, writing, and personal experiences of famous/popular women and how they view themselves. My picture is a great example of a modern, young, and independent looking woman, in which Roxanne Gay would agree with. Gay argues against the negative stereotype of the modern feminist, and this picture of Kendall Jenner shows a famous and well liked woman
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