The Picture of Dorian Gray

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Aestheticism is a philosophy in which its followers practice complete self-indulgence. Aesthetic principles teach that the arts, beauty, and youth are absolute over anything else. People who follow this philosophy are very egotistical, and are extremely concerned with appearances. It is often associated with jewelry, painting, music, and perfumes. (insert quote to prove) All followers of Aestheticism put activities pertaining to beauty above anything else. Their priorities hold beauty above attributes such as kindness, morality, and intelligence. Hedonism is a practice that is very similar. Followers of the philosophy of Hedonism conclude that pleasure is the most important aspect of life. In the picture of Dorian Gray, Aestheticism and…show more content…
A critic points this out, “Dorian’s portrait confers visibility upon an internal corruption that otherwise escapes sensory apprehension” (Craft 114). The only way Dorian can see the decimation of his morality is through the portrait, so that is why he continually goes to gaze upon it. Although the upper-class in London have noticed an evil change in Dorian, “I think it right that you should know that the most dreadful things are being said against you in London” (Wilde 153), he is still a prominent member in society because of his beauty and youth. and in the opinion of most people his frank, debonair manner, his charming, boyish smile, and the infinite grace of that wonderful youth seemed to never leave him, were in themselves a sufficient answer to those calumnies (for so they termed them) that were circulated about him (Wilde 145) They did not believe that someone so attractive could commit such atrocities. This again shows the priorities of the English people of this time, valuing beauty over morality. Before Dorian was introduced to Lord Henry, both his soul and his sense of morality were innocent. Before Lord Henry’s influences Dorian was carefree, young, and moral. He was regarded as a helpful member of society before his corruption. Before Lord Henry met Dorian, he stated that he had heard his name before. He realizes that his aunt Lady Agatha that had talked of Dorian, “She told me she had discovered a wonderful young man, who was

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