The Picture of Ugly Women Means Powerless as Represented in the Movie Entitled '200 Pounds Beauty'

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The Picture of Ugly Woman Means Powerless in Korean Movie entitled ‘200 Pounds Beauty’ By: Mustika Nur Amalia (Gender and Literature Studies) This Essay is written in order to fulfill the final project of the subject ‘Gender and Literature Studies’. The main focus of this essay is to discuss the ugly women that depicted in the ‘200 pounds beauty’ since this movie highlights the pain of Hana as the main character who is considered ugly because she is fat. The terms of ‘fat’ here gives the message to women that women should not be ‘fat’ to be beauty. This issue is one of the practices of women as sex object that demands the women to be concern about their body. In 1913, Webster’s dictionary defined beauty as “properties pleasing the…show more content…
The notion of the body (and not the mind) being associated with women has served as a justification to deem women as property, objects, and exchangeable commodities (among men) (Feminist theory-bodies articles). That’s why the practice of women to be beauty somehow makes the women suffer a lot. The concept beauty in Dworkin point of view is that beauty practices as having extensive harmful effects on women's bodies and lives (Jeffreys, 2005: 6). She explains that every part in the women bodies never be natural as Dworkin stated in quotation below: In our culture, not one part of a woman's body is left untouched, unaltered. No feature or extremity is spared the art, or pain, of improvement. Hair is dyed, lacquered, straightened, permanented; eyebrows are plucked, penciled, dyed; eyes are lined, mascaraed, shadowed; lashes are curled, or false ± from head to toe, every feature of a woman's face, every section of her body, is subject to modification, alteration. (Dworkin, 1974, p. 112 in Jeffreys, 2005: 7) This shows the phenomena how the women treat their body as the sex object for the men to attract the men attention through the practice to be beauty. Jeffreys (2005) argues that Beauty practices are necessary so that the sexes can be told apart, so that the dominant sex class can be differentiated from the subordinate one. She continues Beauty practices create, as well as

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