The Pieces Of Literature By John Greenleaf Whittier

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Pieces of literature can be influenced by a wide variety of different factors that they experience everyday, whether the author intended on it or not. One fundamental factor that can influence a writer is their culture, in history it is especially visible. Culture can be defined as the customs, art, beliefs, and behavior of a group of people. Culture can indirectly influence an author or poet or it could be used deliberately in order for the writer to better express their views on a topic. One author that took advantage of his culture, in a possible attempt to bring more recognition to it, at every opportunity he had was John Greenleaf Whittier. Whittier was raised by a Quaker family in Massachusetts during the 1800s, which were part of a pivotal moment in history. Whittier’s works typically included subjects and areas close to his home, his experiences, and both his political and social/religious beliefs. Whittier was an outspoken abolitionist, just like many other Quakers during the time, and he became best known for his anti-slavery poems. One such poem that sticks out as being heavily influenced by his culture is The Hunters of Men, which can be found in the Norton Anthology of American Literature Volume B on page 609-610. When reading the work of Whittier his culture can be seen in three different ways the first is the culture itself, the second is where the culture fits into society, and how his culture impacts the ethics of this essay. The first view of culture

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