The Pig Man Short Story

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PIG MAN There was a Pig Man, and he walked a Piggy Mile, He found a Piggy Sixpence against a Piggy Stile; He bought a Piggy Cat which caught a Piggy Mouse, And they all lived together in a little Pig House. “Where are we going?” Bobby asked. He had a twizzler in his pocket he was sure would have grown stale by the time they reached wherever they were heading. “Shut up,” Jones commanded. He strode a little ahead of the group, but turned to glare at Bobby. “We’re almost there.” “Where exactly are we going?” Al asked. He was the smallest of all the boys but the smartest. He was Mr Finch’s favourite student, and Jones was his least. Patty had been the one to suggest going out wandering. Jones had remembered the abandoned field a couple of miles out from his house. He said he kept a ball there for kick-around and that they could play with it until it got dark. Bobby had been hesitant, wary of his mother’s warning to be home before six. But Jones was so excited and then he roped Patty into it as well, and Patty always seemed to know what he was doing. His parents didn’t impose curfews on him, and Bobby envied this of him. His mother, on the other hand, was constantly worrying him, telling him come straight home from school, to not talk to strangers, and to not go anywhere he hadn’t been before with her. Bobby was more than a little sick of it. He wanted to be a normal kid, like Patty or Jones. They could go anywhere they liked, anytime they liked. Their mothers didn’t force
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