The Pigeon Power House Essay

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Before I begin to describe the film, I would like to emphasize that I will tell Sean´s story formally in a poetic realist style. Hallucinatory, sleepwalking sequences alternate with harsh reality in a desolated environment for the sake of telling slices of true life: Emotions, diversity and the unforeseen.

Now - the film.

It´s grey and dull. The Pigeon Power House in Dublin is not far away and one could smell the industry and the sea.
12yo Sean visits drifter Johnny who is living in a tent at Ringsend beach. In daydreams Sean wears a balaclava mask and fights adventurous battles with his hero Johnny. He admires Johnny and invites the community´s young vagabond to his home.
Desperate for food and shelter Johnny agrees and Sean manages to
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Sean is suspicious of Johnny and his mother when he finds both having an intense dance at home. Sean realizes that Johnny physically and emotionally comes closer to his mother and suddenly the big hero became his worst enemy. The dilemma intensifies after Sean even witnessing moans of pleasure involving his mum in one night. Sean literally slips into Johnny´s “skin” after stealing his clothing - a night of pain and rage for the preteen lasts. The next morning Mary detects her son in a grotesque situation: Sean hung and scattered Johnny´s clothing all over his room and wearing Johnny´s oversized dress as well as the balaclava mask. The disturbed boy finally confronts his mother by kissing her on the lips and escapes his home.

While Sean gears up for a fight Johnny hangs out with two of his peers at the beach. Sean attacks Johnny but fails twice. As Sean lays on the ground Johnny´s friends humiliate Sean by allowing a boxer dog to mount the boy. Affect based Sean throws a stone and hits Johnny fatally.
In the end we see Mary arriving the
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