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The Pigman Many times in a story what the main characters say can reflect their personality and lifestyle. This is shown effectively in the memorial epic by Paul Zindel, The Pigman. Throughout this stunningly truthful story, John and Lorraine consistently say things that show just what type of people they are.

In the memorial epic, The Pigman, John and Lorraine’s words really show their personality type. In the beginning of the story, when describing John, Lorraine say’s “John has made and art out of it. He prevaricates just for prevaricating’s sake.” What Lorraine is referring to is John’s tendency to make up stories in an attempt to make his life sound more interesting. The reason he does this is to make his life sound more
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She says, “ I can’t tell you what she’d do if I ever took anything, but she isn’t ashamed of what she does”. Lorraine is talking about how her mother “borrows” canned goods from her hospitals pantry. Her mother believes that by stealing these items she can make up for the hospital not paying her enough.

Throughout the story John’s thoughts and words really bring him to life. While he is in a cemetery drinking and smoking, John says “I’m looking for anything to prove that when I drop dead there’s a chance I’ll be doing something a little more exciting than decaying.” This shows John’s curiosity about the future. John seems like the kind of person that is always eager to learn new things. At the very end of the story John says “They build their own cages, we could almost hear the Pigman whisper, as he took his children with him.” What John means is that many people in general build their own “cage” and they only let certain people in. In the story John, Lorraine and Mr. Pignati did just this. They each lived in their own separate worlds until they met each other. When they met they opened each other’s eyes to the outside world. In the last part of the quote John is describing how when Mr. Pignati died he took John and Lorraine’s childhood with him. When the three of them were together they acted like children. Mr. Pignati was like the father they never had and when he died a part of them died as well. Many times what

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