The Pigman Summary

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Pigman Summary

The Pigman was a great book that I even read and I absolutely love reading this book. The Pigman is very different from other books. The book is based on two 15 years olds that are sophomores. Lorraine is more of a proficiency person, with her life and school. She cares about herself she doesn’t like doing drugs or drinking. Unlike John, he likes smoking and drinking and he is always late. His attitude is infantile towards his parents. His mom is a germ freak and his dad is always yelling at him. Also, John is an ingrate person to his mom and his dad and having his life. Lorraine’s mom works all the time and is always rude to her. It makes her feel mortified about herself,saying that she is not beautiful and
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When they were playing tag Mr.Pignati had a predication heart attack. They called the ambulance and lied to the hospital workers. They said that they are his children, he said that they can use his home when his in the hospital. Lorraine and John were cleaning up his house before John goes to the kitchen and starts freaking out it see how many beers he has, he said that that he’s having a couple of friends over so John put out the beers and the hors d’oeuvres out as well, but shortly after the little get together turned into a big party with everyone there. Norton showed up even though he was never invited in the first place in came instead. Norton was nowhere to be found until John catches him trying to steal one of Mr.Pignati’s things, Norton makes a run for it and goes to the pig room and smash all of Mr.Pignati’s pigs with antagonists look on his face. Mr.Pignati’s was coming up the steps and see the party the police came and break up the party and Mr.Pignati came in the house and saw all the damage that the kids made.

The next day, Lorraine and John try to call Mr.Pignati and he answers but, he doesn’t talk. After a couple moments later Lorraine and John decides that they should go to zoo. Mr.Pignati’s agrees and goes to the zoo with them and also see Bobo. When the got there Mr.Pignati was happy to see Bobo but learns that he’s not there he died from being sick. Shortly after Mr.Pignati has another heart attack. Lorraine and John write apology letter to the

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