The Pigs' Intellectual Exploitation in Animal Farm Essay

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The Pigs' Intellectual Exploitation in Animal Farm

An author often writes a novel as a warning to mankind. In Animal Farm, George Orwell creates a world of animals that allegorically represent man. The intelligent pigs take advantage of the uneducated lower animals and take control of the farm. By showing the steady increase of the pigs' intellectual exploitation of the lower animals, Orwell warns the reader of the importance of an education. Immediately after the revolution, the pigs began their intellectual exploitation of the lower farm animals by telling them that the cows' milk would be mixed with apples for the benefit of the pigs' health. " ' It is for your sake that we drink that milk and eat those apples. Do
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None of the animals seemed to quite understand what the two pigs seemed to talk about they weren't informed properly. If the animals couldn't make informed choices, then they couldn't make good choices. Some animals had the proper education and learned to read and write. These same animals had such a lack of intelligence that they couldn't figure out what the pigs were talking about. When questions aroused about how in the Battle of Cowshed Comrade Napoleon wasn't as brave as they all thought, the only solution was to push the blame to Snowball. The pigs thought that if they explained to the lower animals how Snowball was against them, no one would look to Napoleon for the blame anymore. " That was our mistake, comrade. For we know now----it is all written down in the secret documents that we have found----that in reality he was trying to lure us to our doom" (80). If the animals were smarter and had better memories, they could have remembered this battle more vividly then they wouldn't have seen what the pigs were trying to accomplish. They would have seen how Squealer was manipulating their minds into thinking that Comrade Napoleon was the hero, Snowball was the enemy and he himself had been in on the human's plan with Jones. Not only did the pigs say Snowball betrayed Animal Farm, but they also suggested that he created mischief on the farm while the animals slept at night. After a terrible storm in November knocked

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