The Pigs' Quest for Control in Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Simplicity and repetition helps the pigs gain complete control by covering up the pigs lies and convincing the animals that they do not need humans. Propaganda is most efficient when it is a simple catchy slogan or a word repeated over and over again (Stults). Napoleon teaches the sheep four legs good, two legs bad to know their friends from their enemies (Orwell 34). For example, “Once the sheep got it by heart, the sheep developed a great liking for this maxim, and often as they lay in the field they would all start bleating, Four legs good, two legs bad!” (34). If the humans can not be trusted, then only animals can be trusted which means the smartest animals should be the leaders which are the pigs. Through simplicity and repetition the pigs teach even the dumbest of animals this slogan. Second, Squealer repeats “Tactics” a number of times to conceal Snowball is the creator of the windmill design (58). Squealer conceals who the original creator of the windmill is by “repeating Tactics, comrades, tactics!". Although the reader knows Snowball created the windmill, the animals believe Napoleon created it because right before they began asking questions Squealer repeated tactics a number of time to confuse them and get their minds off the subject. The pigs can confuse the animals easily by using simplicity and repetition. Furthermore, Napoleon ends most of his speeches with “Long Live Animal Farm” to make the farm animals think he wants Animal Farm to succeed (64). For

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