The Pike River Coal Mine

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INTRODUCTION The definition of a project is a complex one time effort which is limited by time, budget and resources in order to complete certain objectives. If these characteristics are not met it results in project management failure. An example of this is the Pike River Coal Mine tragedy which occurred on November 19th 2010 which is located on the West Coast of New Zealand, where a series of methane explosions happened resulting in the loss of 29 men’s lives and 2 survivors walking away from the explosions. This report will look into the project management failures which occurred at the Pike River Coal Mine such as not completing objectives by certain deadlines which then would lead to going over the financial budget and how the overall management of the project could have been improved to decrease these failures. Also throughout the Pike River Coal mine project it highlighted serval issues which may occur when dealing with the management of the people whether it being individuals or team. This report will look at the theories of motivation and communication and see how these theories helped contribute to the Pike River tragedy. PROJECT MANAGEMENT FAILURE TIME FRAME As mentioned above an example of project management failure that occurred at the Pike River Coal Mine was not being able to complete objectives by a certain deadline. This is shown by having an initial prediction of the mine having an annual coal production of more than one million tonnes to be produced
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