The Pilgrim Festivals By The Jewish People

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There are three pilgrim festivals followed by the Jewish people. Shavuot is the second festival celebrated. Shavuot is a holiday that is celebrated by the Jewish community two days in a row each year. Shavuot is followed by the counting of Passover because the months are variable and determined by observation. Though, roughly the days of Shavuot fall on the 5th of Sivan until the 7th of Sivan.On the Gregorian calendar Shavuot is celebrated on Saturday the 11th of June for two days until Monday the 13th of June. Generally Shavuot falls in spring in late May or the beginning of June. This Jewish festival is celebrated to re accept the Torah when it was revealed to the Israelite in Mount Sinai. It also celebrates the revelation of the Old Testament by god and Moses to the Israelites. The Jews believe that this time of the year is to redeem the Jewish community spiritual beliefs from the oppression of idolatry and immorality. The giving of the Torah on the night of Shavuot is what makes the festival significant and special to the community. There is no customary belief system that acknowledges the Jewish community to be celebrating the days of Shavuot in a particular place. There is a major percentage of the Jewish community that prefer spending the two days of Shavuot at home. However, on the first day of Shavout all women, men and children attend a religious place or go to the temple to chant or hear the 10 commandments.
This Jewish celebration began the night the

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