The Pilgrim 's Progress By John Bunyan

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The Pilgrim’s Progress written by John Bunyan was a very deep and touching story to me. After reading it and trying to interpret what it was saying I decided that I could actually relate more to this story than I realized through my faith as a follower of Jesus Christ. John Bunyan uses a dream of the main character, Christian, to describe a life changing event for Christian to grow spiritually while traveling and meeting new people and having first time experiences. The Pilgrims Progress is an allegory to the Bible and Christianity that portrays what we as Christians believe in. Bunyan uses the pilgrimage of Christian to express this allegory using the experiences and people Christian comes into contact with to explore the struggles and challenges of life on earth Christians faces daily when seeking eternal life. The first challenge Christian faces is his guilt. As a Christian, I was always taught right from wrong according to the Bible and when I am in the wrong for something, I feel guilty because I know it is wrong and that it is not necessarily how God wants me to live my life or what he wants from me. The guilt arises because I am promised eternal greatness after my life here on earth as long as I believe in Jesus Christ and I continue to strive to be a Christian, and well lets face it, who would not feel guilty being promised such an amazing thing in exchange for being a good person and following the biblical scripture of Christ. “I dreamed, and behold, I saw a man
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