The Pilgrims: Who Is America Today?

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The pilgrims had many struggles, even after they had traveled to Holland. However, Holland was a step up from England. Many members of the congregation were able to get jobs, but many were not able to get good jobs because of the language barrier and moral background. Not to mention they couldn't even become full Dutch citizens. The Leiden congregation soon decided to pack up again and head for America. There were many uncertainties about America. There were stories about failed colonies, hostile natives and no reliable food sources. It took much faith to get on their unsafe wooden ships and sail into the unknown. But the pilgrims were motivated to start anew. They believed in the christians role on earth and wouldn't let anything stop them.…show more content…
The pilgrims set out to make a shining city on a hill. It would be holier and better than anything before it. Is that what America is today? I will leave that question to you. But the pilgrims determination to find something better drove them far, and they will not be forgotten because of
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