The Pill On My Sexy Teacher

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It 's been a week now since I used the pinkish pill on my sexy teacher. Don 't get me wrong, I enjoy ravishing my teacher 's body 'repeatedly ' everyday -at every position imaginable, but her behaviors a little over possessive. I sat down on the recliner listening to some pop music on television. My eyes glaze on the luscious ladies bouncing their ass wildly for my view. The phone rang, but I 'm too occupied to even bother picking it up. Katie yell from the kitchen. "Big bro, are you going to pick up the phone or not?!" She yell in a tantrum. "Jesus Christ, you 're right next to it!" Katie tap her foot angrily and waited a few second. Then threw a banana at me. "Fine! You lazy ass, I 'll get the phone." Katie quickly rush towards the phone and pick it up. "Hello, this is Katie. How may I help you?" "Katie, it 's been a while since we talk. I hope you remember me from six grade?" Katie excitedly reply. "Oh my god, is that you Miss.Summer?" "Yes, it 's me. I was wondering, is your brother home? I like a moment of his time, it 's regarding our date for date for tonight." Miss.Summer inform Katie. Katie hand the phone to me and I whisper. "Umm..hey Miss.Summer. What 's the agenda for tonight?" Anna laugh from the other line, knowing I 'm hiding my embarrassment from Katie. "You knows love, sooner or later your mother and sister going to find out we 're dating." Anna constantly shoving three fingers in her vagina and gasp for air. "Ugh, god my pussy burning up. I

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