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Regardless of how we tend to view leadership, research shows that leaders do not necessarily possess any more of these positive traits than anyone else. Effective leaders do, however, develop and practice certain behavioral skills that contribute to their success. Rather than relying on personality traits, leaders should work to develop their relationships with followers, peers and other leaders. Effective leaders show intelligence, good judgment, honesty and integrity, responsibility, stability, initiative, persistence, accountability, insight, maturity, dependability, optimism, enthusiasm, ambition, confidence, flexibility, vision, empathy, sincerity, charisma, and trustworthiness.

Make sure you don't bring your fears to work. While
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And pledge to them that you are there to help if they run into trouble. Let them know that although business has been good up to this point, it can't get better without even more help from them.

When we talk about hiring the best person, we don't necessarily mean the candidate with the greatest paper resume or the one who's attended the finest university. What we're suggesting is that you have your antennae up for the person who most impresses you with his or her understanding of your vision and what the journey ahead looks like.

On the other hand, does this candidate have the personal confidence to challenge some of your own current methods? While you're not looking for someone to disrupt a successful business, you will need someone who is able to help you take your business to the next level. That's rarely easy. Many companies build to a sales level of a few million dollars and hit a wall they're never able to clear. This is an area in which your new CEO may have the greatest impact. By offering even minor changes to your successful operation, he or she will have you asking, "Why didn't I think of that?"

My experiences with business leadership have been very limited because I have not yet taken to a management position. Other people ask me how come I can’t keep a job and I say it’s because I have not created the chance for myself to compete with the entire work force of thinkers. It’s the thinkers

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