The Pillars of Business’s Philosophy

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I review some of the context of this class many things come to mind when it comes to a healthy and productive organization such as product quality, product demand, business locations, and the product itself. Although these things are very important in the success of a business they can fail even with a high quality product or even a desired product. On the flip side a business can find ways to make profits with products that aren’t even that good in quality or are expensive. When I think about something that will truly set a business apart from being another product or service I think of a business’s philosophy, mission, or vision statement. I believe these are pillars of a business especially when you look at some of the big companies such as Google, Apple, and Amazon. Just from opinion, I think some companies limit their thinking and settle for a standard business strategy because they are making a large profit rather than developing higher standards which can bring even larger business profits and become more widely known. It is easy to make safe choices and no risks but in order to go places you’ve never gone sometimes you have to do things that nobody has done.
I randomly viewed some websites to see if I could find information regarding the company’s philosophy and here are the results: Target (Yes), J.C. Penney (No), Taco Bell (No), Popeye’s’ (Yes), Ford Motor Co. (Yes), Kia (No), Bing (No), T-Mobile (No), Disney (Yes), Bush Gardens (Somewhat). It is an inconclusive
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