The Piper Alpha Disaster And The Strike Action Of Fshore Oil Workers

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The Piper Alpha disaster led to the strike action of the offshore oil workers, they wanted better health and safety conditions in the oil industry, and in the 1989 the formation of the Offshore Industry Liaison Committee (OILC) took place. (ref3) After the public inquiry, Peter Fraser, who was the Lord Advocate at the time, decided in July 1991, that “there was insufficient evidence to convict the companies and individuals in a criminal court” (Gavin Cleland). Occidental was never prosecuted. Mr Gavin Cleland, whose son Robert was killed in the Piper Alpha accident, became activist and safety campaigner. He united families shortly after the disaster and helped to form the Piper Alpha Committee of Families and Survivors (tt) Bereaved…show more content…
During the best of its activity process produces 30,000 tons of crude oil a day, worth almost 4 billion pounds. Total cost of the disaster was calculated as £1.6 billion (ref 1) , this is around $3.6bn insurance loss in today’s values .(ref Ll.) Lloyds paid insurance claims within six months; it was at the time, the most costly man-made catastrophe. (Ll) 4. Technical issues: -Construction of the platform: The platform was comprised of four main modules: 1. Module A- where the wellheads controlled the flow of hydrocarbons and water produced from the wells 2. Module B – were the separation of oil from other fluids took place and the oil was pumped into the main oil line for the transmission onshore. It was a production module. 3. Module C- the gas compression and gas processing module 4. Module D- for utilities: contained the ‘control building’, generators, and switchgear. The Piper Alpha platform was initially built to produce crude oil, 11 years before the tragic event gas conversion equipment was installed, so platform could recover gas as well as oil. The pipeline system connected the platform with two others: the Claymore platform and The Tartan platform. The gas equipment had problems before and in 1984platfrom had accident, when due to explosion 4 workers were injured; the cause wasn’t investigated properly, and still was remaining undetermined in 1988. The
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