The Pipers Son

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Preliminary English Assessment task 2012 Module A- A close study of texts Rosie SwansonWood Question: “Distinctive ideas are at the heart of every text” In your view, what distinctive ideas are explored in your prescribed text? Analyse how these ideas are developed throughout the text by examining the ideas, form and language used in the text. The Piper’s Son The Piper’s Son by Melina Marchetta explores a variety of issues, themes and ideas. Grief, closure and development of the individual are all key issues in the novel. Marchetta engages the reader in the development of these issues via key events and relationships between characters. Grief and loss are vital elements in this novel. Not only is Tom’s family grieving the loss of…show more content…
Examples of closure in the novel occur when Georgie confronts Sam about his affair. She had remained silent about this for many years, yet when they do reconcile Georgie becomes pregnant which is not an ideal outcome for her at this time. Another example is when Tom apologises to Jamie Hailler for missing his grandfathers funeral. This brings closure to the situation. Tom now realises the importance of a funeral as he has not been able to have one for his own grandfather. His apology lets Jamie know that he is sorry and their relationship may now heal. Notes - Grief: -Tom is aiming for oblivion -A couple of years ago, Tom watched his family implode – his uncle Joe, Dominic (Tom’s father) and Georgie’s younger brother was killed senselessly, an innocent victim of the London Underground bombing. -Tom’s uncle was killed in tragic circumstances, pointless circumstances, his father turned to drink, his mother left, his father left. -Everyone is grieving, deep psychological grieving that permeates this entire book. Tom grieves the loss of his family, Georgie grieves the loss of her brother but the death of Joe also renewed her relationship and connection with Sam, which had ended in grief and even though they are seeing each other, this does not bring Georgie any form of peace of mind. If anything it causes her more worry, and more stress but she cannot let it go either. -Tom is self-destructive at the beginning, searching for nothingness through drugs, alcohol and
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