The Piracy of Privacy

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Throughout history the world has seen significant decreases in privacies. Lately in the United States of America, many citizens have expressed concern with the government's overreach in personal privacy. The National Security Agency and other government administrations have been criticized for their operations. With much criticism, the nation has been seeing a decrease in social networking users and an increase in hacking abilities amongst citizens. Many have questioned how farther the government and businesses will go but this can only be told through time. During the Cold War, at the height of the ‘Red Scare’ FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover conducted mass clandestine operations on US citizens. “Even before he became director of the FBI, Hoover was conducting secret intelligence operations against U.S. citizens he suspected were anarchists, radical leftists or communists.” (NPR) The specifics of these programs were not completely released to Congress or even the Supreme Court for rulings and oversight. Many politicians, journalists and everyday citizens were subject to these ‘bugs’ which included wiretapping, stalking and finding your day-to-day activities. These spying techniques relate with current internet operations in that the government is able to track, see and hear everything we do, without our knowledge. On May 17th, 2013 the Washington Post reported that the Department of Justice and the FBI were conducting surveillance on James Rosen. They soon labeled him a
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