The Pirates Of The Caribbe At Worlds End

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Do you know how much work is put into making a film? Neither do I, but I helped direct a play so I understand a good portion of it. Film making is not just getting a cast, handing them a script, and start rolling the camera. It takes time, skill, and key elements to not only get the production ready but to get across a message to the viewer. In The Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End (2007), Gore Verbinski creates a visual and brings the viewer in on how it would feel like to be a pirate in a place where you are not wanted or accepted. By using the three main formal elements mise-en-scene, cinematography, and sound he makes you feel you are in th emovie for yourself. Without knowing what these elements are or maybe knowing only the bare minimum you, may feel the movie is great in general, but after reading and analyzing the step by step process on what it takes makes it even better. Captain Jack Sparrow is last one of Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court who is needed to come together to fight for the freedom of the pirates way of life. The opening scene is the most important and most powerful because it sets a foundation for the rest of the film. In Fort Charles Port Royal, Lord Cutler Beckett is doing a mass execution of pirates and pirates sympathizers. This is the beginning of the war he started against piracy as he tired to gain control of the Dead Mans Chest. As people are lined up at the gallows there is a young boy who starts to sing a pirate song, Hoist the

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