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The holocaust was a catastrophic event that killed millions of innocent people and showed the world how inhuman mankind can be. This dark period in world history demonstrated unmatched violence and cruelty towards the Jewish race that led toward genocide. Genocide did not begin with the Holocaust; nor was it a spontaneous event. Many warning signs within world events helped provide Germany and Adolf Hitler the foundation to carry out increasing levels of human depravity (Mission Statement). These warning signs during the Holocaust include; Anti-Semitism, Hitler Youth, Racial profiling, the Ghettos, Lodz, Crystal Night, Pogroms, and Deportation. However, their exposure comes too late for the world to help prevent the horrors of the …show more content…
This soon led to an increase of Jewish deportations to concentration camps where they would face numerous hardships and cruelty; the majority of them were lucky if they lasted a month. The sum of these events helps provide the foundation and road map to genocide during the holocaust. A better understanding of the magnitude and complexity of genocide will come to light by examining these events which served as warning signs that the world stood by and allowed to happen. Most importantly, while many agree that genocide should never have happened to any race, by breaking down genocide from its many elements and events, valuable knowledge and understanding will result on how not to let it happen again.

To begin, Anti-Semitism was a huge thing with an enormous impact on all of these events. Anti-Semitism was a pretty common phenomenon around the holocaust era, but it could have never been made clearer how much dislike the Germans had for the Jews than by having the holocaust. The holocaust was the most extreme method of showing contempt toward a person. The tragic point is that they became convinced and determined they were doing all of Germany a favor by getting rid of the Jews because they were just another flaw in the country; and Germans came to believe that. In his first Anti-Semitic writing of 1919, Hitler demonstrated this desire to rid Germany of the Jews, “The ultimate objective [of such legislation] must, however, be the irrevocable removal of the Jews

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