The Pitfalls of American Interventionism Essay

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The United States has been feeling the effects of Middle Eastern terrorism since June 5th, 1968, when Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian acting alone, shot and killed Senator Robert F. Kennedy in response to some pro-Israeli statements he made (Eland 10). United States support for the newly formed Israel had garnered a lot of hatred from native Palestinians, and Sirhan’s attack marked the beginning of anti-American sentiment in the region. Starting with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the United States had been interfering in the Middle East, using Iran as a base for anti-Soviet operations. Over the years, U.S relations with the Middle East soured, leading CIA-trained operatives to form terrorist organizations. President George H. W. Bush…show more content…
As for economic downturn, the lack of regulation and the failures of banks were both caused by the Gulf Wars. The United States government was too focused upon military conflict outside of its borders to pay attention to the loopholes that banks were using to make unwise lending decisions. The Gulf Wars had a large economic impact on the United States and was the primary cause of the economic downturn during both Bush administrations. American intervention in the Middle East drove up gas prices to an all-time high, resulting in billions of dollars lost. As Peter Katel said, “In the week that the [First Gulf War] started, the average world oil price was about $27 a barrel...[later oil prices] were pushed up to prices upwards of $116 a barrel.” (5). The money lost due to this alone ranged in the hundreds of billions of dollars lost. As a result, the American economy took a staggering blow, and was later felled by the economic cost of the war itself. The global increase in oil prices caused inflation, leading to a massive increase in cost of living expenses. But, the American intervention in the Middle East included larger and far more devastating expenses as well. For the first Gulf War, a war that lasted a little over a hundred days cost upwards of $260 billion dollars (“Calculating” 6). The second Gulf War, or the Iraq War, was far more costly, as

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