The Pixar Theory Of Pixar

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I would like you all to think back to time when you were a kid and anything seemed possible. A time when believed your toys came to life when you weren’t looking, that you dog could talk, and that monsters were hiding under your bed. This morning I would like to take you all on a journey back to that time and expand our imaginations a bit. Do you all remember when you were a kid and a movie like Monsters Inc. or Toy Story was your favorite movie and you watched the VHS tape over and over? And then Monsters University came out when you weren’t a kid anymore but it was still something to get excited about. Pixar movies have probably influenced us all growing up at one point or another and now I would like to introduce you to the theory of…show more content…
This then brings us to Toy Story; life was brought to these toys through the energy created by Syndrome and they also discovered that love from humans was a sustaining energy source. The toys thrive on love from humans but also learn how barbaric they can be and begin to dislike them. We see then in Toy Story 2, we see that Jessie resents her owner Emily for abandoning her. Now I’d like us to take a dive down under and think about Finding Nemo for a moment. We have now reach a point where animals are evolving and becoming more intelligent. They are also showing far more resentment towards humans. We have a whole fish population working to save a fish from humans. As long as we are now looking at animal developments let’s then look at Ratatouille. Remy, a rat, shows more human characteristics than any other animal we have seen so far. Although he befriends a human, he also shows a distinct interest in controlling this human. We also see that the other rats despise humans. It’s time to take a jump back to the toys in Toy Story 3. A few years have passed and now we really start to see hatred of humans from the toys. The overall nature of the movie may show that animals, toys, and machines alike are at a tipping point with humans and are ready to take over or get rid of them in some way. Now if we move onto Up, the worlds are all really coming together. The corporation BNL (buy-n-large) wants to buy Carl’s home to expand the city. This
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