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The place I am living right now one can easily see the ocean in Brooklyn NY. It have a peaceful place at the neighborhood’s famous water along Emmons Avenue, where there are several seafood markets and restaurants. During the summertime you can see more than 20 party boats with experienced fishermen daily from Sheepshead Bay piers to deep-sea fishing. You can also see many water activities during the summer. There is a place that young professionals look for expected rentals and good delicious diverse foods. There is a place that you could spend your whole life enjoy with beach and sea viewpoint. To introduce Sheepshead Bay, I need to tell you where its name came from. There were very funny and interesting things going on in this place. There are two different stories about this name. You could hear from Sheepshead Bay ’s neighborhood, sometimes they will tell you its name came form the outline of area like a sheep’s head. However, the more popular story you will hear is told by the fisherman. Archosargus probatocephalus, better known as the sheepshead, is one of the fish varieties. This fish creature’s face and teeth look like a sheep. Sheepshead fish were incredibly common in Sheepshead Bay during the early nineteenth century. The most income of farmers is commercial with fishermen while waiting for their farms to harvest. The Sheepshead fish was also New York City’s dining meal during that time, but the strange thing is Sheepshead around the late 1800s, the sheepshead

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