The Place Of Liberal Education

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TERM PAPER NAME: KAMANDE ERIC MUCHARA ID: 638367 COURSE: INTEGRATED SEMINAR COURSE CODE: SEN 4800B LECTURER: DR. ONDITI LUOCH What is the place of Liberal Education in the contemporary global development needs? How does it harmonize with the education for the labour market? Liberal education is defined as a philosophy of education that empowers people with a wide range of knowledge and transferrable skills, and that cultivates social responsibility and a strong sense of ethics and values according to (Humphreys, 2006). Career education which is also known as vocational education as per (McGrath, 2011) refers to the various forms of learning that are primarily aimed at supporting participation in the world of employment, whether in terms of assimilation into the work environment or better performance for those currently at work. In today’s world, liberal education is very important. Part of this importance arises from the fact that the youth and young generations of today are beginning to place more emphasis on their talents and skills. They have discovered that the old ways of studying for a certain job is not necessarily the only way to succeed in life. They are now attending liberal arts colleges and taking up courses like music and art to better their talents. In the process, they end up learning social responsibility and ethics. Moreover (Chickering & Braskamp, 2009) argue that there are more outcomes from liberal education such as progressing from
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