The Place Of The Room

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Well, it seemed his "tomorrows" had run out. Nothing to do now but make the best of the situation, while hoping that Lily was still inside the occupied room. Lily… yes, that was definitely a complication. The boy would have no choice but to empty the room before he 'd be able to search for the diadem. That would leave her exposed, however briefly, with no guarantee that she 'd be able to enter the room again. What would she do? Duck into one of the passages, return to the Headmaster 's quarters, perhaps? The latter would be the safest option, of course, but would she take it? True, she 'd made him a promise, but he knew her too well to take much comfort in it. This was Lily, after all – when had she ever been content to sit idly by when danger was about? Severus shook his head, making another attempt to enter the room. He focused all his energy on the place he wished to access, grunting in frustration when the wall remained blank. Fuck. He couldn 't stand out here all night. Granted, The Dark Lord hadn 't attempted to summon him yet, but judging by the mild yet persistent burning in his forearm, it was only a matter of time. "What the hell am I supposed to do?" he said aloud, only to gasp as a small object brushed against his leg. Charity. In the midst of all the upheaval, he 'd forgotten the bloody cat. How was that possible? And more importantly, what could she do to help? "Is Lily still in the Room of Requirement?" If the cat was bothered by his brusque tone, she

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