The Place One Calls a Home

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Why call it a home; when you spend your night missing home, even though when you are sleeping in the most extravagent house in the world? Home is a place; where one is brought up since birth; the kind of place where one creates memories that would last a lifetime; an ambiance where every little fragments of matter combines to form certain things that deeply relates to you. Home is a simple word; but the meaning to it, is surprisingly sophisticated. Its where your childhood friends are; your neighbors that lend helping hand when you are in trouble; relatives that comforts you when you are in anguish, and personal objects, which one has deeply rooted feelings for it. It may not be perfect; yet it is a place where one may leave physically; but not the heart. The fact that the place where your life begun from the things you go through to live a better life, not only does home provide you a roof above your head, additionally it plays a vital role that affect a person emotionally, mentally, and physically; a place where it will always be a part of one’s heart, whether its atrocious or pleasant. I lived in a place where i didn’t need any alarm clocks for me to wake up; you could hear my neighbor’s cow mooing, birds chirping, and sound of bell ringing which was tied on a calf; running around like its Fourth of July. As i approach the door of my home, you could smell the cow dung; moreover a delighting smell of a burning incense. In the Summer, there is nothing more elegant

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