The Placebo Effect Of Drugs

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When people are ill, the only thing they want is to feel better. The traditional way to achieve this in the western world was to attend a doctor and receive medication. However, more attention is now being paid to other forms of treatments. One of these is using the placebo effect as a treatment. The placebo effect occurs when a person is treated using a fake (inactive) substance that looks like an ordinary medicine, the patient is generally unaware that the substance is inactive. It is the patient’s expectation to feel better, which seems to play a major role in the way the patient actually feels. However a placebo will not cure an illness. The placebo effect has been used in clinical trials to test the effectiveness of new drugs. Some…show more content…
These three elements are interconnected and can help to understand how illness is affected by different factors in a person’s life. In the first instance, a placebo affects only the psychological element. Consequently the placebo effects the physical and the social element because of the interconnection between these. Unlike conventional medication, the only part of the body affected during the placebo effect is the brain. (The mind and the body are connected and therefore ill people taking placebos often feel physically better). Typically, the person who is receiving the placebo from the doctor thinks he/she is getting real medicine. The client will go through the usual process of getting the treatment; seeing the reliable doctor, taking in medicine at specific times and amounts. All the normal rituals of treatments are preserved. The patient’s expectation of getting better while taking the placebo will be as high as when a real medicine is taken(H.K. Beecher 35% of 1082 patients) (A Comprehensive Review of the Placebo Effect: Recent Advances and Current Thought - Annual Review of Psychology). Numerous pieces of research have shown that people taking a placebo felt as good as people taking the actual medicine. Research is ongoing on how the placebo exactly works. “Indeed, there exists not a single but many placebo effects, with different mechanisms and in different
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