The Placebo Effect On Health

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The placebo effect is considered a mind over matter type of treatment. The idea of it is that by believing whatever method of treatment you take is real it will induce some sort of effect on your health when in fact the treatment taken is a fake. It is believed that a placebo triggers the brain’s reward system affecting the person’s reaction to an illness. While it has been questioned if the placebo effect truly exists, we do know it’s been experimented with for many years and has shown its presence in many tested clinical studies. Researchers use placebos during studies with fake treatments that can be a pill, or a shot, or any other sort of fake treatment that does not contain an active substance that will affect the patient 's health. These studies help them understand what effect a new treatment could have on a certain condition. The word placebo, in Latin, means ‘I shall please’. The word was first used in the fourteenth century, in this time period it applied to hired mourners at a funeral. So a “singer of placebo” was related to someone who falsely claimed a connection to the deceased to get a share of the funeral meal or money. They were flatterers, a deceptive act to please. It wasn’t until the eighteenth century until it was documented in a medical context. In the 1785 Motherby’s New Medical Dictionary, placebo is described as “a commonplace method or medicine”. The first time the placebo effect was conducted as a clinical trial by a doctor was in 1747 by James

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