The Placement Is At X, A Preventative Child Sexual Exploitation

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The placement is at X, a preventative child sexual exploitation team, within national children’s charity, which is the leading expert in tackling child sexual exploitation. The charity that X is within derives its values form the Christian faith and provides the basis for the work done with children and young people. One of the charities values are; respecting the unique worth of every person; this value can be seen in social work principles, both within BASWA codes of ethics for social work, values and ethical principles 2.1 human rights, “social work is based on respect for the inherit worth and dignity of all people”, and HCPC Guidance on conduct and ethics for students, promote and protect the interests of the service user, as a …show more content…

Due to the notability and need for the service, staff levels will be increasing by 2 members of staff and have recently started having student which will be a continuing program. Each worker with the exception of one, within the team serves their own case load, for project workers level two the case load could hold up to 10 young people. Currently at X there are 80 cases open, this mean the service is averaging 5 young people per project worker.

The caseload is not representative of the victims of child sexual exploitation in z, the caseloads reflects public perception influenced by the media, that suggested that child sexual exploitation only involves Asian males and white British females, of the 80 cases open the majority of the case are white British females, this has been a reoccurring theme through past cases as well, the operation update for X revealed out of 130 referral only 15 were male and 105 were identified being white British, therefore this doesn’t represent the all the victims of child sexual exploitation, however the outreach work and work within schools undertaken by X gives a better representation of the child sexual exploitation happing in Z. X practises multidisciplinary working in all aspects of its work. This can be shown through its work within E youth centre, X project worker work now have a partnerships with E youth club, at the end of the youth

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