The Placement of Humanity

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The placement of humanity, not only within the material world but also beyond it as well, has been one of the driving questions that propel humans forward into the new frontier of technology and mental wonders. Humans are corporeal. We touch our skin and come to the conclusion that we are solid. We touch the clothes that surround our bodies. The clothes do not go through our bodies, so therefore our bodies and our clothes are solid. However, since humanity has stepped foot on earth, we have included in our culture and our ways of life elements of the supernatural, elements of the divine, and also elements of subjectivity. Sometimes, we base our most important decisions in life with subjectivity. That is, we look with our emotions and with what we feel would be the right thing for ourselves. Why do we this? I believe that although humans belong in the material world, humans can show and express some elements of the supernatural, the divine, and subjectivity. Aristotle believes that in order to determine of some action is good, we have to consider the aim at which the action is intended for. Aristotle then suggests that actions must have ends and because there are many actions, there must many ends. Aristotle agrees that what is good for man is happiness, living well and living happy in life, Aristotle then defines what happiness is and what good is in man. The elements of good and happiness can be attributed to subjectivity because it leads us to form an argument
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