The Places We Know and Love

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How do you continue to love the ones after being married? Books are like love, they are easy to start but will you be able to stay until the end to see the outcome. Jhumpa Lahiri, writer of the Interpreter of Maladies, illustrates the characterizations of marriages that have been constantly been on display of mystery that is healthy and steadfast. Her type of writing does not want the reader to think she is trying to ruin the relationship but to understand that how little the other person they truly know. Each story is very compelling and illustrates the beauty of Lahiri writing on an emotional level. The Interpreter of Maladies has a certain flair and lasting impression on the reader to rethink about the crosses between different cultures and how they affect the person love in coming to the “new world.” A life of an immigrant is an experienced by that person. One view Lahiri creates is in her short story “The Third and Final Continent” where she shows a family making a challenging but smooth transition from India to America. In the story, the narrator is very excited to finally come to America, but is also filled with doubt on what to expect. In 1969 he gets a job at the MIT library in Cambridge. Before flying to the US, he returns to Calcutta to marry his bride in an arranged marriage. Her name is Mala. In traditional Indian customs, when the man leaves to find a new home, the women usually stay until he has settled to follow him there. He finds a small apartment
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