The Plage of Bottled Water

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Bottled Up Over the last decades the human race has made magnificent strides in looks for a greener society. How can we make great leaps in these new science fields when we are not even capable of taking care of the pollution problem which is greatest harm to the human race and all Earths inhabitants? Bottled water is the most massed produced plastic products around to date. The bottled water is supposedly safer, easier to tote, and helps the economy by providing jobs for citizens. Bottled water may taste better than regular tap water, but the purity of the water comes at a price that is often disclosed to the public. The CEO’s of the massive bottled water companies continue to see growth as the years pass on, but on the other hand looking at how much is paid on the advertising and packaging for the water, they only come out with a small profit. Bottled water is not only just costly, but it also harms the environment. If the mass production rate of bottled water continues we will see its negatives effects on our environment, economy, and its harmful effects on human lives. Bottled water has plagued our environment since its creation. The Food & Water Watch states that, “Rather than being recycled, about 75 percent of the empty plastic bottles end up in our landfills, lakes, streams and oceans, where they may never fully decompose”. This means that there are millions of bottles left in landfills; which contribute to the already harmful greenhouse gases in our

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