The Plague Of The Black Death

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Throughout history, infectious diseases have impacted communities around the world. Outbreaks of bacteria and viruses in the past have damaged cities and devastated populations. Over the years, new developments in technology have led to advances in medicine and health. The great strides that have been made over the years have helped improve the lives of individuals and have led to a better environment. This paper will follow some of the major epidemics in world history. It will demonstrate how the treatments of patients in the past have changed over time. The major diseases that took out a majority of the world’s populations are now curable and the diseases are now regulated. The paper will begin with the most iconic epidemic, The Black Death. It will then discuss some of similar epidemics that have followed after and different treatments. This paper will show the progression of medicine and health around the world and the advancements in technology that have increased the lives of many individuals.

The Black Death:
The Black Death also known as the bubonic plague is considered a turning point in the development of medicine and science. This plague first occurred in China during the early 1330’s (Yell 348). It mainly affected rodents, but fleas could transfer the disease to humans. Once people were infected with the disease they could easily infect others. Since China was one of the most prominent trading nations, it was only a matter of time until the…

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