The Plague Of The Black Plague

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Rapidly spreading, killer of half of the continent, and no cure found. Millions of men, women, and children: dead. The few survivors were hiding, fighting for their lives, knowing death was near. As days, weeks, and months passed with more and more corpses piling up. There was no escape from what became known as the Black Death of the fourteenth century, possible death to most, spread by measly fleas and rats. Because of the rapid outbreak of this terrifying disease, death defying symptoms, and resulted in the death of 25 million people, the Black Plague is considered the greatest catastrophe ever. The Black Plague started in Italy. The plague traveled from Italy to Europe. Jim Ollhoff, author of the The Black Death, described the outbreak of the plague as a “deadly hitchhiker” (6). He illustrated how quickly the Black Plague spread to other cities. Many doctors of this era thought the disease had come from “an earthquake that released putrid underground air” (20). The plague was “a painful, horrible disease to catch” and it spread rapidly in a horrifying way (18). Finally, the air was so foul, people were told to “spend time in their gardens smelling flowers and fresh air” (20). It was difficult enough for people of this time to cope with the gruesome symptoms, and now they had to go in their gardens just to get breathable air. Even though the people were outside, the plague was being spread by rodents coming from the trading ports near the Black Sea. The…

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