The Plague Of The Black Plague

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The Black Plague is a disease that spread around the world and killed many people. There are three different types of the plague; Bubonic, Septicemic, and Pneumonic (Dugdale). The Black Plague effected Europe greatly and effected there way of life. It came to Europe around the 1300s and had a great impact on society in the 1500s (History). Important parts of the black plague are the different types of the plague, how they spread, treatments for them, and effects the plague had on Europe in the 1500s. Within the plague there are three different forms; Bubonic, Septicemic, and Pneumonic. The symptoms of the plague vary from the different kinds. Some symptoms that come with all the different kinds are fever, chills, cough, and buboes-a swelling in the lymph gland (Dugdale). Basically the symptoms are those of a bad flu plus a swelling of the lymph gland. After coming in contact with the bacteria the signs or symptoms will start to appear in 2-6 days for Bubonic and Pneumonic. For Septicemic symptoms will appear in 1-6 days (History). If people had these symptoms with some other symptoms in the time of the plague in Europe, they probably had been infected. With the different kinds of the plague there were also different fatality or death rates. For the Bubonic form, which was the most common, you had a fifty percent chance of living once diagnosed. With the Septicemic form you had almost no chance of living because it had a one hundred percent fatality rate. Luckily this was

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