The Plague Of The Bubonic Plague

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Black Death

The Bubonic Plague was likely the first semi-global pandemic that rightfully merits the name which means affecting all people. The period of time in which the disease wreaked havoc was also known as the “Black Death." Alexandere Yersin was a French bacteriologist and discovered the bacteria in Hong Kong This diabolical disease is characterized by both positive and negative outcomes for the few people that managed to survive the plague. The total number of people who died subsequently of the disease are not known. The total number of deaths ranged from twenty to fifty million people. Many, grotesque, unpleasant characteristics are associated with the Black plague. Scientists now understand that the Black Death was spread by a bacillus known as Yersina Pestis. The dominant carrier of the disease was the "black" rat. Other rodents located in central Asia could have also contributed to the disease spreading. A French biologist discovered the germ during the nineteenth century. Recently Dr. Jahannes Krause has been able to do some "molecular fishing" and extract the remaining plague fragments, and DNA from the tooth enamel of excavated remains from the 1300 's. There are three types of the infection. The manifest through buboes (boils) with unpleasant smelling odors, and spots on the skin. Swollen, inflamed lymph nodes in the armpits and groin would appear. The lymphatic system is a major contributing factor to one 's immune system and general health condition.

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