The Plague Today

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Close your eyes and imagine a world full of a black cloud of sickness. People no longer have any hope or want in being equal. People are turning on each other and parents even deny their own children. This would soon become a reality if the plague were to come to America now. There would be so much contention and the morals around the world would decrease. There will no longer be a love for other people and people would only act for themselves.We would act even worse than the horrible way that the people acted in the middle ages.We would be very immoral and we might take joy in the pain of others. This would be the most immoral action that we could take. If the black plague hit the world today we would never be the same. Even if we lost our connection with people we would also become crazy. The plague would affect the world today as we know it for the worse. I think that morality is more important when a society is falling apart then in the situation of every man for for himself. Morality, or rules of right conduct and the morals you follow, is the way you act around other people and the way you think. I think that you would need to use your morals when your society is falling apart. When something you love is falling apart you have to check your own morals and what you believe in so that you can benefit the situation. When you see that your society is dying the best thing you can do is try to help it. If you just run away and fight against other people you are not making
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